Kusadasi Nightlife

There are boundless choices where nightlife in Kusadasi is concerned. The Nightlife in Kusadasi is one of the best in Turkey, with holiday makers coming to have a good time and the Turks making sure they do so.

Bar Street – This is the busiest in Kusadasi and that means the loudest. There are many bars and clubs and most are free to get into, as well as having no dress code. As the prices are steep here its therefore better to drink before going here. With music blaring from every pub, people dancing on bars and table and some bars performing a fire show – it makes for a very lively night in Kusadasi. Bar Street opens all day usually until around 4am. Many of the people get to bar street for 11pm so that they have had time to drink for cheaper elsewhere.

Ladies Beach – This isn’t as busy as Bar Street however there are a few bars and clubs at night, not too loud but not quiet either. The atmosphere is more relaxed than bar street without as much hassle.

Old Kusadasi – The old part of Kusadasi, known as Kaleici, is a labyrinth of narrow streets filled with restaurants and a variety of different bars, some playing live music.

Beach Clubs - Kusadasi has a handful of beach Clubs the most popular being Miracle and Jade. By day you can lounge around on the big cushions soaking up the sun and by night as the music gets louder and the drinks start to flow you can dance until the early hours of the morning.

There’s also a Turkish Night held in the beautiful Caravanserai, an old Ottoman Castle and one of Kusadasi’s landmarks, where you can spend a fun night out enjoying Turkish dancing, Turkish music and a delicious buffet.

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