There are numerous beaches in Kusadasi, All with one thing in common crystal clear waters and picture perfect weather. Water sports such as the banana boat, jet ski, pedalos, and para sailing are available on some of the busier beaches and sun-beds and umbrellas can be rented for a small fee.

Downtown Beach

Situated between the Harbour and the Marina it is very popular because of it’s close proximity to the town and a large number of hotels. With a magnificent view over Pigeon Island and the spectacular cruiseships docked in the port, it makes for an ideal place to sunbathe and watch the world go by. There are sun beds, beach umbrellas and a small cafe on the beach and over the road there is a variety of cafes and shops along the boulevard.

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach – known in Turkish as Kadinlar Denizi, is one of the most popular and busiest beaches in Kusadasi.

The name derived from the time the beach was segregated for female bathers only. Nowadays Ladies Beach is open to all and with a palm tree lined promenade full of shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and the many hotels it is like a resort in itself. Ladies Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area, not only because of it’s excellent position close to the center of Kusadasi, but also because of the clean, shallow waters, 1km of sandy beach and facilities available such as water sports, changing rooms, umbrellas, sun beds, and toilets. Lifeguards are also on duty between 08.00 – 19.00.

The evening sunsets at Ladies Beach are not to be missed. Sip a glass of wine or an ice cold Efes in one of the many cafes whilst gazing at the breath taking sunset behind the Greek Island of Samos, is a memory everyone will treasure and take home with them.

Whether you like lazy days swimming and sunbathing, browsing around souvenir shops, relaxing in one of the many beach front cafes or an action packed day of water sports – Ladies Beach has it all.

"Ladies Beach" minibuses (dolmus) will take you directly from the center of Kusadasi to Ladies beach every few minutes. It takes 15 minutes to walk there from Kusadasi.

Long Beach

Over the years Long Beach, which got it’s name from the fact it’s 18 km’s long, has been divided up into sections as more and more cafeterias have opened along the coast, and gave that part of the beach their names. Nowadays only the beginning of the whole beach front is called Long Beach, and this is the part with the most activities. Aqua Center, one of Kusadasi’s three water parks is also located on Long Beach. Kusadasi Long Beach is 6km south of Kusadasi and can be reached by “Sahil Siteleri” minibuses (dolmus) in every 15 minutes.

Diamond Beach – Gold Beach

Diamond Beach / Gold Beach – (Show on the Map) – Mainly called Gold Beach, this part is in front of the old holiday resort Nazilli Sitesi and Aydin Tur Sitesi. This part of the beach is also called “Siteler” meaning the “sites”, as this was where the most holiday houses were originally. On the way from the main road to the beach you will pass the Nazilli Bazaar, a great place for fun shopping. Further along are many small restaurants making the Turkish Gozleme, and other Turkish snacks. On the beach are also some small cafeterias.

Silver Sand Beach

The Silver Sand Beach– is located in the SSK area. This is the name of a very old holiday complex of the people working in the SSK (social security in Turkey), located at the beach front. On the beach front is a lovely cafeteria offering snacks and drinks during the day and dinner in the evenings. Silver Sand Beach is easy to reach from Kusadasi, and the “Davutlar” minibuses pass by Silver Sand Beach. However, there are 2 Davutlar bus lines, and you need to ask for the SSK, or directly Silver Beach.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach – comes after the Silver Sand Beach. At Paradise Beach are some small restaurants, cafes and bars along the road and along the beach, sun beds and umbrellas, a small fish market open in the summer season only, a pastry shop, and a “Healthy massage for the tired body” massage service. The same Davutlar minibus as Silver Sands will take you there. To be sure that you have the right bus, ask for the “Mersin Beach Hotel”.

Love Beach

Love Beach – is the last part of the beach before Guzelcamli, that has an offical name. There is a shop by the beach and a small cafeteria which also serves Turkish breakfasts. At the beginning of Love Beach is a small marina with speed boats and fishing boats docked, and next to it is a cafe open all year round offering snacks and drinks, and also BBQ services for the picnic area next door. To reach Love Beach, you can take the Davutlar minibus, asking for “Sevgi Plaji”, which means “Love Beach” in Turkish.

Kustur Beach

3 km away from the town center but there are dolmus until 24.00. One of the other popular beach in Kusadasi with its cleanness. Kustur beach is not a very crowded beach as ladies beach. Umbrellas sun beds, toilet , cafes are available on the beach. It’s mostly sandy but some places are pebbly as well.

National Park Beach

National Park Beach – (Show on the Map) – Not only for Kusadasi area but it is also a very significant beach in Europe. There are some small bays in the national park. It’s one of the popular places in Kusadasi and is a place worth to see with its nature. National park is 30km away from town center but it is easy to reach by dolmus. It gives chances to have a picnic under the trees when watching the sea.

Nearly all bays toilets and cafes are available. National park has the cleanest waters in Kusadasi. team also advice you to visit the national park for the ones who are planning to come to Kusadasi.

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A major cruise ship destination on the western Aegean coast - 18km from ancient city Ephesus.


The early settlements in Kusadasi is by the Lelegians and Carians who moved from the central Anatolia.

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Kusadasi is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, families, or retirees, offering something for everyone.


There are numerous beaches in Kusadasi, All with one thing in common crystal clear waters and picture perfect weather.

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National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park, known locally as Milli Park, is located Located 23km south of Kusadasi.


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