Why visit Kusadasi?

Kusadasi is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, families, or retirees, offering something for everyone.

Kusadasi Beaches

One is certainly spoilt for choice for beaches in Kusadasi. Whether you are a sun-loving holiday maker or a resident enjoying a day off, you can choose between intimate tranquil bays or long sandy beaches, either secluded by nature or bustling with activities and watersports.

The beaches in Kusadasi are at their best from May-Oct, though the water is still a little chilly up to June. August and July are the busiest times of the year so beware of crowds. Kusadasi’s most popular beach Ladies Beach is bordered by an attractive promenade lined with small shops, cafes and restaurants making it ideal for a wonderful beach holiday. Long Beach, with it’s soft sand and variety of watersports is also very popular but due to being 18 km’s long it never feels too crowded.

Daily boat trips also depart from Kusadasi and take guests to various protected bays, where swimming conditions are ideal. There are also a handful of beach clubs in Kusadasi set in beautiful grass gardens with hammocks, sun beds and cushions scattered around to make your time a relaxing one. Admission is charged and you can spend the day enjoying the facilities.

As the day comes to an end, you can enjoy one of Kusadasi’s remarkable sunsets overlooking the glistening sea and the view of the Greek Island of Samos as a backdrop.

Below we list brief descriptions with pictures and maps of the well loved spots which are all easily reached by dolmus, which run from the bus station in the center of Kusadasi and are very cheap.

Historical Sites

Turkey has a very rich history and Kusadasi’s excellent location makes it a good base to explore the historical sites nearby.

There are many full day and half day tours available to the magnificent ruins of ancient Ephesus, The Virgin Mary House, the ancient Greek city of Aphrodisias, the spectacular terraces of Pamukkale, and Didyma-Miletos-Priene.


Kusadasi, located along Turkey’s West Coast, has a typical Mediterranean climate year round with mild winters and long, hot summers For 300 days of the year, Kusadasi is bathed in sunshine and peak season temperatures average a scorching 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. The hottest months in Kusadasi are July and August with temperatures reaching up to 42 degrees Celsius. During the months of May and June the temperature can drop at night so it’s advisable to bring some long sleeved clothes with you just in case. During the Summer the humidity is around %40 and the average water temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.

A large percentage of the annual rainfall in Kusadasi occurs during the months of December and January, so you can be sure that whenever you go on holidays to Kusadasi, you’ll be in for some sun-filled fun! The tourism season starts towards the end of April and continues right through until October but is slowly becoming more popular during the Winter, especially at New Year which is a big celebration in Turkey.


The Nightlife in Kusadasi is one of the best in Turkey, with holiday makers coming to have a good time and the Turks making sure they do so. The best known place is "Bar Street" where you can find many awesome bars and clubs.

Daily Excursions

There are many excursions available in Kusadasi for either a full or half day, whether you like historical places, lazy days at sea, or action packed adventures – there is something to suit everyone.

For those that seek adventure – the jeep safari, horse safari and quad safari are for you. Explore the mountain roads and deserted beaches, drive over sand dunes and swim with the horses in the sea. Lunch and transportation to and from your hotel are usually included in the price.

For a more relaxed day out and an excursion in Kusadasi which more a less every holiday maker does at least once, is the boat trip. On the boat trip you can explore Kusadasi from the water, discover different bays, swim in deserted coves and enjoy a nice lunch onboard the gullet.

Turkish Cuisine

There is no doubt someone would come to Turkey just to eat out. Turkey is ranked among the top five countries in the world for cuisine and no holiday is complete without tasting some of the delicious dishes on offer.

Stemming partly from the amazing variety of fresh ingredients and partly from the influence of the many civilizations that inhabited Anatolia throughout history, Turkish food is a must try.

Turkish food is prepared from fresh ingredients, and finished off with spices and herbs to delicately flavor the meal. Turkey produces a large amount of fruits and vegetables and being surrounded on three sides by sea there are many different types of fish available.

The variety of the Turkish food is enormous, from a choice of different soups to an astounding variety of meze (colourful platter of appetizers or small dishes) followed by fish and meat dishes. After the main course is finished, take a break to contemplate which famous Turkish sweets or pastries to try before finishing with a Turkish coffee or tea.

A Turkish breakfast is a very popular way to start the day. A typical breakfast in Turkey consists of slices of beyaz peynir (white cheese), honey or jam, black olives, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, clotted water buffalo cream (kaymak), boiled eggs and piles of delicious fresh Turkish bread all accompanied by hot black tea in small tulip-shaped glasses.

In Turkey it is customary to say ‘Afiyet Olsun’ meaning Bon Apetit, and to the chef or person that cooked your food ‘Elinize Saglik’ which literally means “health to your hands”, but is interpreted as meaning “well done, very delicious”.

Diving Paradise

Kusadasi bay is a volcanic one, which means that the sea bed is covered in cracks and fissures which emit hot water (fumaroles). Divers swimming into one of these hot water outpourings for the first time are generally quite surprised at how hot the water is.

There are three main locations for diving in Kusadasi bay, Shore dive, Barabaros Reef and Adabanko Reef.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, you can discover the beauty of Kusadasi and the Aegean Sea with one of many dive centers around the town, who will provide equipment, advice and guided tours to ensure that your diving experience is extremely enjoyable!

Trips to Greece

One of the great things about Kusadasi is it’s close proximity to Greece. On a clear day you can see the Greek Island of Samos far off in the distance making it the perfect backdrop for a beautiful Kusadasi sunset. If you like the idea of being able to go from Turkey to Greece in just an hour, then a day trip to Samos is for you.

The ferry leaves daily during the Summer season, at 08:30 hrs from Kusadasi to Samos and at 17:00 hrs from Samos to Kusadasi. Spend the day exploring the Greek Island’s picturesque villages, pure white sand beaches, fishing harbours or one of the many historical sites.

There are also daily ferries from nearby Cesme that sail to Chios in Greece.

Dilek Peninsula National Park

The National Park located 30km (19 miles) from Kusadasi, is extremely beautiful and quiet. There are several beaches to choose from in the national park, most of which are quite stony. However the water is extremely clean and you can find some sandy areas along the way.

There are lots of beautiful types of flowers and wild animals around. The most common being the wild pig, so do not be bewildered when you see a wild pig family wandering around the National Park.

It is an ideal place for a picnic here as it’s quiet, romantic and clean. There are lavatories, cafes and picnic tables available. It’s a perfect way to spend the day swimming in the crystal clear water, sunbathing on the shore or if you fancy something more energetic you can always hike the Canyon walk which has a set walking route for those that want to see the true beauty of the area.

Its very easy to reach the National Park by a dolmus which you can get from the town centre of Kusadasi. Whether you like hiking in the mountain trails or lying on a beach relaxing, the national park is a little piece of paradise.

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A major cruise ship destination on the western Aegean coast - 18km from ancient city Ephesus.


The early settlements in Kusadasi is by the Lelegians and Carians who moved from the central Anatolia.

Why Kusadasi?

Kusadasi is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, families, or retirees, offering something for everyone.


There are numerous beaches in Kusadasi, All with one thing in common crystal clear waters and picture perfect weather.

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National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park, known locally as Milli Park, is located Located 23km south of Kusadasi.


There are boundless choices where nightlife in Kusadasi is concerned. The Nightlife in Kusadasi is one of the best in Turkey.

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